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Sales challenges distributors face

Reactive Selling

Distributors leave money on the table by responding to customers rather than proactively selling

Siloed Data

Distributors misunderstand the needs of customers when data is lost between channels

High Cost to Serve

Distributors lose money due to high rep costs, clunky systems and uncoordinated workflows

Proton can solve them

Accelerate revenue growth with award-winning AI

Centralize all of your data in one place

See historic and real-time sales transactions, customer information, and product data through a single pane of glass.

Identify new sales opportunities

Bring tailored product recommendations to the front lines for your reps and digital channels.

Lower cost of sales

Maximize order value while minimizing rep-time spent pursuing low-margin activities.

Gain insights with deep reporting

Drive real growth by answering the big questions: What's being pitched? Who will churn? Which accounts have growth opportunities?

"Proton is the best ROI of any tech investment we've made in the past 30 years."

Mike Page, CMO & CTO, R.S. Hughes Company

The omnichannel advantage

We collect and analyze your product, customer, intent, and transaction data. By breaking down barriers between channels and creating a complete view of every customer, you can sell with insight, efficiency and scale.

Why Proton?

Built by distributors

Seamless integration

Fast time to value

Measurable results

Enable every sales channel with AI

With Proton, you make perfectly targeted sales pitches at every interaction, across every channel.

Customer Service

Turn contact with customers into incremental revenue. As customers call in, our AI predicts which items reps can pitch successfully.

Inside Sales

Know who to call, when to call, and what to sell. Our inside sales tools give reps a data-driven workflow that maximizes productivity and profitability.

Outside Sales

Infuse personal service with technological efficiency. Reps sell more when they combine their deep knowledge with an omnichannel view of each customer.


Create a personalized shopping experience for every customer. Our enhancements include "recommended items," "complete the cart," "recently discussed with your rep," and more.

You're in great company.

See what our clients are saying

By partnering with Proton, we've empowered our reps to personalize each customer interaction using Proton's recommendations, which have dramatically impacted rep efficiency and revenue. . . The Proton team has genuinely shown their dedication to our success and we could not be happier with our decision. A TRUE partner.

Brian - VP of Sales, Industrial Distributor

Proton has provided so much information to track usage and revenue for our entire team. They are amazing!

Christina - Sales Team Lead, Medical Distributor

Proton has been a great help regarding my calls to customers. It helps keep the flow going. Having the reorder feature has changed my relationship calls drastically. The team has always been open to suggestions and puts our needs first.

Michelle - Customer Success Partner, Industrial Distributor

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