Help modernize the $6 trillion dollar distribution industry.

We're searching for strategic thinkers, savvy experimenters and creative risk-takers who take great pride in the long-term impact of their work. Want to join a high-growth company and watch your work shape the future of distribution?

Open positions

Enterprise Account Executive

Boston, MA or remote

Lead Data Engineer (User Products)

Boston, MA or remote

Lead Data Engineer (Data Platform)

Boston, MA or remote

Senior Product Manager

Boston, MA or remote

SecOps Engineer

Boston, MA or remote

Mobile Applications Engineer

Boston, MA or remote

UX Designer

Boston, MA or remote


Boston, MA or remote


How we hire differently

Application processes can be frustrating and time-consuming, so before you apply we want you to know that we hire differently.

No resumes

We won't look at your resume or cover letter. Instead, we'll ask you questions relevant to the job you're applying for. Your answers will be judged blindly and anonymously by a diverse hiring committee.

Applications are reviewed by humans, anonymously

It won’t matter what your name is or your educational background, and you won't be rejected because a poorly designed recruiting software didn't find a keyword in your profile. Even if you're not the right fit for a role at Proton, you'll get a detailed feedback report.

No trick questions

Our in-person interview process is designed to focus on what matters. No trick questions about the number of piano tuners in Dayton. We won't subject you to eight hours of back-to-back interviews with five different teams. We’ll give you real insights into the types of problems we think you can help us solve.

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