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How Reorder Models can Increase Revenue

Published by Benj Cohen on
Modern buyers expect distributors to know what they need and when they need it. In the past, outside sales reps visited customer storerooms to determine which products were running low and what needed refilling. While most distributors are using a hybrid sales approach today, their sales reps sti... Read More

Why Actionable Data is Crucial for Distributors

Published by Benj Cohen on
The B2B environment is data-driven. Distributors must use data to inform complex business decisions and improve customer interactions. Relying on hunches and hearsay is not effective in B2B. Actionable data is any information you use to make better decisions about the future. It res... Read More

How to Build a Killer Inside Sales Team with AI

Published by Benj Cohen on
In recent years, inside sales has emerged as a highly profitable channel for distributors. Distribution Strategy Group discovered that a proactive inside sales rep can maintain a 30 to 50% lower cost of sales than ... Read More

All Aboard: Increasing the Adoption Rate of New Technology For Distributors

Published by Casey Lea Pridemore on
How can distributors increase rates of adoption for new technology in their salesforces?
Introducing new technologies to your organization will always cause a ripple in established workflows and processes. Even if the system is key to an industry’s ongoing growth, it can prove difficult to wrangle employees into actually using it. Low adoption rates of new software are a cause... Read More

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