The Proton story

Cutting edge technology in the distribution industry.

How it began...

I grew up in distribution. My family has been in this industry ever since my great grandfather started a supply company in 1930. Some of my earliest memories are of tagging along on business trips with my Dad, just like he used to do with his Dad. But a few years ago, I realized that the industry was at risk.

Distributors were struggling to keep up with technology-first disruptors, and many hardworking people were getting pushed out. After studying Data Science at Harvard, I saw that it didn’t have to be that way. I wanted to see that people like my family could use technology, instead of getting squeezed out by it. I teamed up with a brilliant group of engineers and long-time distributors, and built Proton: a cutting-edge, AI powered platform, custom built for distributors.

In a matter of months, our company had joined the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Program, won the Harvard College Startup Competition, and started making its mark on the distribution industry. The platform we built helped distributors from numerous verticals gain millions of revenue and reclaim market share.

Years, and many customers served later, we're making sure that we stay close to our roots. Our platform is built by distributors, for distributors, with cutting-edge tech that would stand out in any industry.

Benj Cohen

Founder & CEO

Why distribution?

Unique channel complexity

Most businesses only sell through one channel. Distributors connect with customers across as many as six channels. That means that it is harder to track and use customer data, but all the more rewarding when effectively done.

Massive catalogs

Distributors sell tens of thousands of unique SKUs. This makes it almost impossible for the average rep to know the exact product to pitch. Bringing AI into the equation allows for functionally large catalogs, happier customers, and more sales.

Unique customer relationships

Distributors' customers purchase dozens or even hundreds of different products. Most businesses can't sell so many complex items to a customer (not to mention consumable items). With the right tools, distributors can profitably manage even more complex sales.

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