Steer your reps from afar

Track rep and customer activity alongside attributed sales to accelerate growth.

Track rep engagement and attribution

Get the most out of your investment by increasing user adoption

Keep your teams motivated and results oriented

Give reps dashboards to celebrate wins and improve messaging

Prove the ROI of targeted recommendations

Run A/B tests to measure the uplift from the recommendation

Ensure rep activity is leading to sales

Compare strengths and productivity, then coach accordingly

Empower your teams to sell smarter

Help your teams maximize their efforts and better understand customer potential

Track reps success

Individual rep performance visibility

Have the visibility to effectively manage each of your reps. Oversee account management, rep performance and opportunity engagement.

Know what's working and not working

See what activities are converting to direct sales and what areas can be improved.

Effectively train your teams

Project how much your teams are likely to sell. This helps set goals, offer incentives, manage expectations, and adjust strategy if need be.

Guide your reps

Control product display

Have the ability to influence what suggestions come out of Proton so they are helpful and aligned with your customer's business priorities.

Receive custom alerts

Receive real-time notifications that let you and your reps know when something interesting happens.

Run campaigns

Steer sales of certain products to clear out inventory or push special promotions.