Increase the profitability of human connection

Proton is the sales management software that customer service and sales reps want to use.

10% lift in average order value

Grow cart size without incremental effort

10x+ increase in revenue per pitch

Pitch relevant products that convert to actual sales

One platform for easier rep adoption

Have all your go-to data sources in one place

The workflow most reps follow today

Reps are passive and reactive

Reps spend most of their time responding to requests from customers, and little time proactively selling.

Reps are sometimes uninformed

Reps don't have enough visibility into their accounts to make effective pitches.

Rep tasks are often manual

Reps spend too much time using clunky systems to stay on top of their accounts.

Rep interactions are undocumented

Reps don't record enough interactions to maintain customer loyalty.

We solve your challenges

Know which products will convert

Data in one place keeps reps informed

Seamless data entry eliminates manual tasks

Automatically log every customer interaction

Proton for customer service

Turn order takers into order makers with a simple web app designed for CSRs.

Real time re-order and add-on product recommendations

Simple workflow for pitching during phone and email conversations

Gamified user interface to support high adoption

Proton for inside sales

Your single pane of glass to prioritize who to call and what to sell.

AI-generated call schedule to grow share of wallet and prevent churn

Playbooks that guide strategic, insight-driven conversations

Automated pitch-capture and follow-up reminders

Proton for outside sales

The single mobile and web app reps need to get proactive and add strategic value.

Know everything about your customer right when you need it

Semantic search tools that make finding product information easy

AI-generated and custom sales opportunity management

Cross-channel visibility and task management