Easy access to cutting-edge AI built by distributors, for distributors.

There is a looming performance gap between adopters and laggards

AI should be part of your business strategy

Your data is complex, but it’s not as hard as you think

We do the heavy-lifting to cleanse and ingest your data

Learn from the ways other distributors are adopting

Our team consults you and designs a solution specific to your needs

How does it work?


We break down data-silos by pulling all of your sales, customer, and product data into our centralized cloud database.


Our award-winning, neural network AI analyzes the data to predict how, when, and what each customer will buy.

Grow sales

We surface these insights in an actionable way so reps and customers get what they need.

See Proton in action.

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A breeze to integrate

We do your heavy lifting and will get you up and running within 4-6 weeks.

Why omnichannel matters

We aggregate and analyze data from all your systems. This breaks down barriers between channels and creates a complete view of every customer. That helps us predict exactly who is going to buy what and when. After that, we use those data-driven predictions to push a coordinated sales strategy to all of your channels. With Proton you can make perfectly targeted sales pitches with every interaction, across every channel.

Not all AI is equal

Our award-winning technology uses a deep neural network for industry-leading accuracy. ​Our predictive features are backed by cutting-edge machine learning tools, and our models are run across more than 500 million parameters. ​When our platform analyzes customers and makes recommendations, you can trust that you are getting data-driven insights that maximize profitability.

The data

An AI engine is only as good as the data that fuel it. We help you capture 10x more data so your product recommendations can be 10x more effective.

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